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    Last week I got in my Bluespoon AX to use with my Treo 650. Esthetically definitely correct for my prominent ears, far more so than the over-the-ear style of the Scala, HS-8x0 and HBH-6x0.

    But not all is well yet. Could very well be a classic case of RTFM.

    Issue one: re-pairing
    I seem to have to re-pair the AX to the T650 constantly. If the headset has been off, or been away from the T650 for a while, it simply want transfer calls anymore. What is up with that?

    Issue two: low volume.
    People seem to hear me OK, but I have to crank the volume all the way up to hear them. Will have to try BtMute....did notice an improvement in volume when manually muting.

    Issue three: static
    All is well when keeping the T650 on the same side of my body as the headset. But when changing side or moving too far away....not good. I blame it on a weak T650 BT radio.
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    Um. Any resolution on this? Very seriously looking…

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    Yes...issue one was due to the fact that I first added the AX to the trusted devices list before running Handsfree setup. If I delete it from the list and then add it back through the Handsfree setup, the issue goes away.

    For issue two I tried BTMute. Works, but hard to find the right "delay". And I get the feeling that the volume sometimes changes mid-conversation. Weird. But no deal-breaker.

    Issue three....will just have to live with it...I think this will be the case with ANY headset on the T650.
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    I've been using the Bluespoon AX w/ my GSM 650 for about a week now. It works much better than the Jabra Freespeak. I have had a few comments about wind if I'm outside. I have had no real problems w/ static. I think it's probably one of the best choices on the market.
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    Bluespoon products don't seem to have a very long life, nor do the batteries last. I have a Bluespoon digital, which worked ok, but after a week of non-use, it would lose pairing and you'd have to delete the handset on your phone and start all over again. Finally, it just won't hold a charge anymore, and there is no way to get it fixed. Buyer beware...
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    I thought the bluespoon's came with a replaceable lithium rechargeable coin battery?
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    Yes, the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery in the Bluespoon AX can be replaced quite easily. Don't know about the Bluespoon Digital, nor have I experienced a drained battery with the AX (and therefore no issues with recharging so far).
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    OK..verdict is out. Got the HBH-660 yesterday and we have a winner.

    From an ergonomic point of view (non-borg looks, comfort), the Bluespoon AX has the advantage. But the HBH-660 has two distinct advantages that are more important to me than looks:
    - It connects VERY quickly to the Treo 650. E.g. when calling my voicemail, with the AX I would miss the first sentence telling me how many new voicemails I have. With the HBH-660, I may miss the first one or two words, but that's it.
    - The voice quality of the HBH-660 beats the AX, it has more mid and lower tones, doesn't sound quite as "tinny muffled".

    The volume on the HBH-660 is fine, but that is no doubt partly due to the fact that I am using an eargel with it. The earclip on the Sony kinda sucks. It is not uncomfortable perse, it is just...weird. Don't like it. A Jabra eargel works very well though, and is quite comfortable. Also have a slicsound heading my way to compare.

    The Bluespoon AX is VERY cool...but it is going up on eBay. If anyone here is interested, send me a PM.
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    I have the Bluespoon AX and was using it with my Moto V600 and since yesterday, my new 650. I have not found any problems when using the AX. It seems to connect just as fast as with my V600 and the call quality seems to be similar as well. The AX does have that "tinny" sound to it which I have come to accept. I really like the small form factor of the AX. I was thinking of purchasing the HBH-660 or BT800, but after reading a few bad reviews about the BT800, it sounds like the HBH-660 may be a winner. I'm deciding on whether to give the 660 a try and if I like it that much more, I could always sell the AX.
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    Yup, I have a V600 as well (for travel), and the AX connects to that phone very fast. The AX is very cool, but for the Treo 650 I simply ended up liking the Sony better. I put the AX up for sale in the Marketplace forum.

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