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    Hey guys and gals! I got a little bit of a problem with my 650 and I am requesting your advice to remedy this situation...

    The audio jack on my 650 doesn't connect properly. When a head set or head phones are plugged in, the audio skips in and out in the left ear...often times, my 650 can't even recognize that there is a headset plugged in.

    So I took it into my local Sprint store and the rep there told me that " like...uh...have a problem with your audio jack...we can order you a REFURB if you want but...uh...I don't think you should do it." So i polietly asked him what I should do and he suggested I use my lockline to get a new one. I told him I was unwilling to do that, but he went on to say that the very best he could do was to get a customer returned 650--ie, one that was used but return, but he was unable to get one.

    So my question to you good people here is how I can go about getting a NEW 650 using the manufacturer's warrenty and not using my lockline...I'm kinda stumped, CS told me to go in and the rep in the store told me I'm basically SOL.

    HELP! Any suggestions are much appreciated!!
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    Try another store?

    My local store was fine, and has already replaced two with a friendly offer to "come on back now 'ya here..."

    Also: the jack problem may be a "feature/upgrade". I believe I have the same problem on all three of my 650's.
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    Yeah, go checkout another store if you can. Since its a manufacturer's deficet, I would absolutely want a brand new replacement and not use my lockline warranty....
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