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    Can you give me that telephone number. I can't seem to get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo-650
    Can you give me that telephone number. I can't seem to get it.
    From Palmone / 128 sd card request page

    If you continue to have problems, please contact Customer Care at 1.800.881.7256 (choose option 3).

    Good Luck
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    The web site wouldn't take my ID#, but the associate with PalmOne (1-800-881-7256 option 3, then 1) was very cooperative, and told me I should have it in about 1 week or so) Thank you treocentral.
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    ok, below is the last email I sent to PalmOne support. I never receive any reply afterwards.
    For legal reason, I am not allow to published what they sent me. Essentially, they want me to send them a copy of my purchase receipt which I refused to do since there is no reason for doing so and no rules that stated I have to do so in order to claim my SD card.

    Dear Vannesa,

    We have been going back and forth with this, first
    with Tony, you and the
    last one was with Eric.

    As my previous emails and from my phone conversation
    to you and Eric, I will
    be more than happy to comply if you can indicate to me
    and point out to me
    the website link or show me any internal documents
    sign by someone in
    authority in PalmOne that says I have to provide
    additional documentations
    such as you have requested below

    Your inability and/or refusal to provide such prove
    indicate that there is
    no basis for your request or that your action for such
    a request was not
    sanctioned by PalmOne.
    Furthermore, if your request for such documentation
    was sanctioned by
    PalmOne, then I would argue that PalmOne is engaging
    in an action that is
    discriminating to some of it's customers outside US,
    because US customers
    only have to provide their Treo-650 serial number and
    ID number.

    I have also pointed out that eventhough the offer was
    on the US website
    only, it is generally understood that the offer was
    valid worldwide unless
    otherwise specifically stated because the new memory
    management was provided
    to Treo-650 worldwide and not jut those bought in the

    I am a user of Palm since the VX and it never crossed
    my mind that PalmOne
    will blatantly discriminate it's customers in such a
    way, I guess I was

    Sincerely yours,

    A very disappointed customer
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    here is the update:

    After back and forth correspondence with PalmOne US support, essentially here is what they told me:

    Although any owner of treo-650 who wants to can claim a SD card, the regional office can enact policy independently concerning the criteria they will impose for the claim. They can ask for a proof of purchase receipt or the name of your dog for that matter before they send you the card.

    Worst of all is that none of this information was made clear in any of Palm website or public announcements to users.

    We now have different situations in each country, for example:

    Singapore: available to power users only, although the definition of power users seems to be how hard you bang the table to get your point across to them.

    Indonesia: available only if you can provide proof of purchase, serial number and ID Number not withstanding.

    So, don't get too excited next time PalmOne made another announcement like this because although it never specifically stated " for US resident only " those of us living outside US may never get it.

    I don't know what you guys call it, but I call it deceitful.
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    I don't see the offer on the it possible for someone to send me the link,,,,pretty please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imgg
    I don't see the offer on the it possible for someone to send me the link,,,,pretty please.

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    Thanks- it told me the offer expired for Sprint customers. Thanks anyway though!
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