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    my firm recently went through a merger, we were using POP accounts for email and the other company was using Exchange, now that we're merged they've set it up so that the incoming emails will come from POP but the outgoing would go through Exchange, Exchange also would save all the emails on the server, so since Chatter does not support POP will i still be able to get all my emails through IMAP? we've gone through basejet (discontinued), visto messagexpress (discontinued), and now Inbox To Go which the boss is not happy with so now that's why i'm looking into this, i've tried Sproqit also but it doesn't seem to connect even with all the correct settings, and if not Chattermail any other suggestions? thanks
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    kingsfan - My head is spinning. I think you just need to find out whether you have IMAP access to your exchange server. Can you access the server via IMAP in Outlook, for example?

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    IMAP access was enabled as of today at my request hopefully to get Chatter working, but i haven't messed with it yet
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    That's terrific. Let me know how it turns out. There are a bunch of people here who can help...


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