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    Help! I am dying to take an inventory of the music CDs that are overrunning my room!

    Does anyone have any software suggestions?

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    I tried using ThinkDB, but that one is really hard program, but once you get it, it can be whatever you want. Another one is a simple list program, I use that to keep track of mp3's but would serve cd's just as well.
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    A quick search at PalmGear revealed a few candidates.

    One that looked particularly interesting, if you don't mind shelling out 20 bucks, was

    If you're running Windows, you can use the PC-side app to download CD track lists from a CDDB server and synch them over to your Visor.

    Oh, and Billy- I gotta take issue w/ your assessment of ThinkDB. It may have a wierdness or two, but it really isn't too hard to use, IMHO. Your milage may vary.



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    I don't think ThinkDB is terribly hard at all... especially when you could probably find a "MyCDs" or "MyMusic" kind of template at Armando's site... In general, it's a GREAT database to grow into if you're not completely comfortable with database kinds of things.

    Check it out:
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    HANDBASE($19.99) has one at

    The db is free...just have to purchase HANDBASE.(which I liked enough to buy anyway)

    BTW~There is a 30day trial offering for HANDBASE.

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    Where is Armondo's site? I've worked with a lot of database in Excel and Access, and I'm not understanding the ThinkDB stuff, maybe it's completely different to program.
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    Armando created ThinkDB... so his site is:

    There's a link to "Templates" right on the front page. I checked, though, and it doesn't have a specific CDs database. But you can look at the Movies databases available and design your own.

    ThinkDB really is a great little database though. Haven't tried handbase, but was a registered user of JFile/JFilePro.. switched to ThinkDB before it came out of beta testing. (Armando has been Excellent about bug fixes, updates, and troubleshooting too.)

    Actually, if you told me what specific information you wanted for a CD database, I could come up with one in ThinkDB and just email to whomever needs it (or just put the template on Armando's site).

    As far as programming it goes, you need to first define your fields in the Field Editor, THEN design your input form in the Form Designer. That's as difficult as it gets to start on the basics.
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    Jfile pro would be a good answer. Easy to configure and create your own DB's
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    Thanks, guys. I found software called PiCD. It looks pretty good. I just need to figure out how to sync it.
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    I actually gave ThinkDB a try and I did make a CD program. I haven't seen PiCD, but I think mine looks pretty good. Once I get it synced this weekend I'll give it to you guys for free. Just email me.
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    Jon -

    JFilePro would be a fine solution in general.. but I think that's about it. If you've taken a look at ThinkDB's interface, it's much more fluid and pleasing to look at than just JFile's interface.

    IMHO, if you downloaded demos of both, took the small amount of time to figure the two of them out (try JFile first), you'd stick with ThinkDB. (No, I don't work for and am not receiving any remuneration from Armando Neves, or ThinkingBytes. )
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