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    WTF is up with these prices well over $800? I'm getting quite worried.
    OK, I'm not so concerned anymore. The Treo650 is listed on the Honk Kong site for $5,480HKD which is $703 USD at Todays rate. I'm expecting no more than $700 so I'll be satisfied when I see that on the US site (hopefully soon.)
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    If you are asking me, almost never. If you imported from overseas like Mobilefly, etc... their prices stayed about the same up until very recently (I think the 600 from them is still about $650). Resellers in the U.S. will get lower once they can get them from U.S. sources, but don't expect much. The lowest I saw in the U.S. for the unlocked GSM Treo 600 (excluding ebay) was $612 from However this took months.

    The lowest price will probably be P1, but unlike some posts in other threads by others, I just don't see them offering the unbranded unlocked 650 for at least a few months. If they plan or hope to sell through T-Mobile, I don't think they will offer the unlocked until T-Mobile starts to sell also. This is exactly what they did with the Treo 600 also.

    Quote Originally Posted by proxx
    from your experiences when the Treo 600 just came out, how long did it take before prices came down to like $500-600 ?
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    i ordered last night and i already have a tracking number ,it's on it's way to canada, i will let you know when i get it

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    mobilefly is a Singapore company, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodworth
    mobilefly is a Singapore company, right?
    I believe so, based on what I've read from others. I'd never heard of them before some people at Treocentral pointed them out. Prospects I'm in Canada so please let me know when you get it.
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by prospects
    i ordered last night and i already have a tracking number ,it's on it's way to canada, i will let you know when i get it

    I bet you cannot wait until it arrives! Any idea when it will be delivered?
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    I'm gonna wait for my $349 special from viennachannels (yeah, they're still around ). I emailed Jeff a little while ago and they **hope** to get some unlocked/unbranded GSM T650s out this month.
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    I probably would have bought the 600 way back in Nov if I knew the GSM 650 was going to take this long to be released, much less the VC deal -- which I'm not complaining about because it's a great deal and it's not *their* fault. But if I knew P1 was not going to release an unbranded GSM 650 until Feb (?).... I really need a combo PDA/phone, but I didn't jump for the 600 because I thought the 650 was a lot closer to release.
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    Would you expect to pay duty on parcles from this vendor being shipped to the US?

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    Now available for $599 UNLOCKED from P1. Delivery within 2 weeks' time.
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    wow i received my new treo 650 unlocke this morning , i am on Rogers in Montreal and everything work just fantastic
    what a difference with the 600

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