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    Encyclopedia Britannica is being offered as a download for free to Palm VII owners. The Palm OS version is called Britannica Traveler.

    Is there any way to get this PQA to work on the Visor Deluxe?

    For anyone that wants to see the link:

    Free Encyclopedia Britannica!


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    I don't know about getting the PQA to work on a visor, but you can just use pdQbrowser (my favorite) or proxiweb, avantgo, etc. to surf on over to and access it that way. I've done this and it's not much different than using the PQA (which I've also tried on my PalmV/Omnisky).
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    This is just an idea that i got, but probably the reason that it is a free download is because paid for it. If it cost money to download a kb on, then if you downloaded an entire dictionary using it then palm would make alot of money. maybe I'm right, maybe I'm trying to find something.

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