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    With the new shutdaown command in 20.4 how would you reset the phone for the next upgrade? Pin now?

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    Reset Phone / Upgrade is menu "Z", immediately under the new Shutdown & Disconnect (menu "X")
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    Huh... Freaky strange. I see that Marc posted 20.5 to fix the missing "Reset Phone / Upgrade " in 20.4... It was never missing on mine. I may be crazy (many believe so), but it does say 1.0b20.4 in about...
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    You must be living in a different dimension. Have you noticed any space time distortions?
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    A temporal lobotomy, as it were?

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    Yeah, temporal. That way it doesnt last forever like those permanent lobotomies. I really hate them.
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    can some explain what this post is about
    what is 20.4
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    Chatter version, your in the Chatter Email discussion.
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    Yeah, the temporal lobotomy is cool, I just hate having to go back for the semi-annual brain cleaning... BTW, runniing 20.5 now, and "Reset Phone / Upgrade" is still there, so at least I'm not suffering from temporal digression...

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