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    I need help scheduling recurring visits with my customers. Depending on the type of customer, I might need to see them anywhere from bi-weekly to quarterly to annually.

    I need something to keep track of when I last visited and then automatically reminding me when its time again.

    I tried todo+, but didn't care for a couple of things in it's interface. As far as scheduling things, it worked fine.

    I also tried ReDo, but it doesn't add the new items (ie., reschedule them) when you complete an item, it waits until the date and then inserts the new item. This makes it hard to look ahead to see what's coming up.

    Right now, I use a catagory in the todo list and, instead of checking it off, I manually change to date to the next scheduled date. This is cumbersome, to say the least!

    Any suggestions?
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    One word

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