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    hey every this forum is really nice here i get alot of questions answered without asking soo thanks for that lol ... anyway ...

    Does the Treo650 support video playback... i am the current owner of a Sony CLIE SJ-33 Personal entertainment organizer... i use Kinoma to playback videos on that handheld which is really nice... so if the treo does support video playback then what does it support kinoma, real, etc.? thanx
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    I use MMPlayer. Being a filmmaker, I can't stoop to watching compressed, grainy choppy images on a tiny screen- but for those that are into degrading quality, the treo can do this- kinda. I find watching an AVI southpark episode (full res, little compression). Starts to get a little choppy in high action scenes. It's possibly worth it on a plane, but for day to day viewing of material- go back to a television which is already a degrading of image quality. Not to mention my 1 gig memory card is full after 2 SP episodes and a bunch of MP3's...

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