Have any HEAVY users of Handwriting Recognition, have been able to enter a lot of data, using programs like Graffiti Anywhere, Tealscript etc. ? If you were able to, please reply if you did anything to make it work. Thanks. I am not using a screen protector.

I noticed a few problems on the Treo 650:

1. Taps on the screen are sometimes missed. To see how often they are missed, I tried a drawing program called Diddlebug. I entered dots by tapping on the screen, and it seems that 1 out of 10 dots are missed, but a line is never missed.

2. A random vertical line is occasionally drawn when the stylus is lifted from the screen. These lines are usually visible when I am writing on the lower part of the screen. These seem random, and when they appear, the wrong character is recognized.

3. The resolution of the digitizer is very low compared with the Treo 600.