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    I am interested in upgrading my SnapperMail 2.1 Enterprise to 2.2, since Snapper has promised the capability of archiving Sent messages to the SD card with this upgrade (not available for Sent messages in 2.1). I see from their web site that 2.2 is available in beta - has anyone had a try with it? In particular, have you tried the new SD card archive functionality?
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    I am using the beta version and the sd archive works beautifully. this is the best email system I have used.
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    How much is the upgrade? I have a T650 with Snapper V1.9.2.01 Std and using Powerrun to store the application and files to the SD card. This is a better way for me since everything including the application is in the SD card. The only drawback is it take about 5-7 seconds for Snapper to load.

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