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    I'm a fully addicted chatter user running in email push mode with several active folders on a Verizon T600. Frequently (especially when I'm driving) I shut down Chatter (Menu 'Q') and disconnect from the Verizon data network to make sure calls are not forced to voicemail.

    This currently is a 2 to 3 step process:

    1. Shutdown Chatter (Menu 'Q')
    2. Go to blazer; go to Menu, Options and select 'disconnect'.
    2a. Blazer frequently does not know the data network is connected if it has not been used lately (it still displays only the 'connect' menu option) so...
    3. Select 'Connect' in Blazer, or go to any web page, and then go to Menu, Options and select 'Disconnect'.

    Is there a 1 step method to quit Chatter and disconnect from the data network? If not, I'd like to make a feature request for an preferences option for 'data disconnect when shutting down Chatter'.

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    Doesn't the Chatter Pref->Offline Disconnnect preference do that? That's what I assumed it did.
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    No, not exactly. "Offline Disconnect" tells Chatter to disconnect the data network if there aren't any connected Mailboxes. It's intended for network management when using only "offline" folders.

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    I guess I need to RTFM.
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    I would like this option too, ideally menu Q would stay the same, and menu something else would be shut down chatter and data session. Sometimes I want one, sometimes the other, but making it a preference would defeat the purpose of creating a quick way.
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    Very cool! New feature in 1b20.4, Menu X (Shutdown & Disconnect), does exactly what I was asking for.

    Less than 3 hours between request and new version. Wow, now that's quick service :-)

    Thanks Marc!
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    My wife thinks I'm insane, and who am I to question her?

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    Crazy yes, never boring !
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    True, true. The story of my life.


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