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    I have several POP3 email accounts I check from my ISP, but my ISP does not support IMAP. However, I forward all of my accounts to my earthlink account, but is this account an IMAP? Can I use Chatter to receive my email as IMAP?
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    I have had Earthlink since it was NETCOM. To my knowledge, they still do not support IMAP email. Earthlink's antispam system is great though. The system works well with POP3 and SnapperMail.
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    z3bum's right. No IMAP.
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    Ok...thanks. What if I forward my forwarded emails to FuseMail and then used IMAP..or could I just forward my emails directly to FuseMail.

    Is this a reasonable and useful solution since I check my email every 5-10 minutes?
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    If you're fine with checking your email every 5 or 10 minutes, then pop (what Earthlink uses) is fine and an application like Snappermail can do that for you.

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