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    Hey Marc,
    I'm not sure if this is already a feature (if so, I'll gladly delete the thread) - but when I delete a message, the highlighted position stays in the same location on the screen - ie if it's on the second message, and I hit "d", and move two messages down (so now on #4 message) before the message is removed then the highlighter stays on the fourth message after the delete - not on the actual message I've moved it to.

    The problem this causes is if I scroll to another message and select to read -OR WORSE- delete the the highlighted message at just an instant after the message is removed from the screen, I've selected/deleted the wrong message.

    I've inadvertantly deleted a couple emails & selected the wrong one quite a few times.

    Let me know if my explanation was clear and/or if there's a workaround aside from waiting for a message to clear (not really acceptable imo). THANKS!
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    I know what you mean, and I'll look at it. BTW, similar problems happen in Outlook...

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    Interesting. I have used Outlook forever it seems, but only recently set it up to an IMAP folder, so I'll have to check that out as it pertains to the real-time sync with a remote network folder.

    I think intuitively, it should stay on the message you've moved to when the delete occurs. Of course in a normal Outlook or even Snapper scenario, when you delete, it instantly moves to the deleted/trash folders, so you don't have that lag...

    Thanks for adding it to that list of yours.
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    Damnit - deleted the wrong email again this morning. Marc, I'd love if this could be considered after the big release - THANKS.

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