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    Well I just got my delivery confirmation of Feb 2 for the Treo 650 that I ordered on November 18. Had I got this device in December, or early January, I would have ripped open the box and activated it the day it came in. However, having had time to evaluate all of the issues and shortcomings of the 650 in the 2.5 months since I ordered, I think it may be better to just sell the 650 on ebay and pocket $300 in the deal.

    My 600 works great and I bet their will be a new Treo in November again that will truely address the memory shortage, NAND issues, sluggish performance, and BT issues. I may still keep it an sell the 600, but I am leaning more in the other direction.

    Am I just getting misinformation on the 650 problems? Is the 650 worth keeping over the 600 especially given the likely November release of a next product? Shadowmites work is great but I have huge concerns relying on third party ROMs to make the device more usable.

    What do you users of the 650 who had the 600 think about the device in comparison? I know about the screen, removable battery, and BT, but is their anything other than these three things that make the 650 much better?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lnichols
    What do you users of the 650 who had the 600 think about the device in comparison? I know about the screen, removable battery, and BT, but is their [sic] anything other than these three things that make the 650 much better?
    Well, I'm not sure about anything else, but the screen did it for me. Just having the two side-by-side was enough to convince me to keep the 650 and sell my 600.
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    I wouldn't take much stock in a lot of the negativity you read. If I had listened to them, I would never have bought my 650. My experience has been that only people who have anything negative to say ever post, and the people who have positive experiences, like me, rarely do.

    Get the box, open it, do not install any third-party apps til you've thoroughly read the manual and learned everything you can, and then you can make an informed decision about what you truly need and what will work for you. Remember too that no one design is ever appropriate for everyone. What works for one will not work for another... and the reverse is also true, what doesn't work for one will work famously for another.

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    I doubt you can pocket $300 by selling it on ebay considering what you paid for it, what it will cost you to sell it, and what the 650 is selling for. I'd say activate it and judge for yourself, then sell it if you don't like it.
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    I had planned to do the same thing you're planning: keep the 600, sell the 650 and pocket some change. But I decided to use the 650 for while, first. I'm keeping it.

    Yes, it has it's drawbacks, and no, it's not the perfect device. But it is, in almost all respects, enough better than the 600 to make keeping it the right decision, for me.

    Yes, you'll want a memory manager like PowerRun or Zlauncher, but I already needed one on my 600. I have to load more apps to the card than I did before, but that's not really a major issue.

    I didn't think the screen would be that big a deal. I had hi-res (Sony Clie) Palms before, and didn't mind the 600's screen, but the new screen makes web pages much more viewable, makes games better, and allows the use of smaller fonts when I want to get as much text on the screen as possible.

    I like the keyboard a lot better: if you do much typing on it, that could be the main selling point (but I do have to keep my nails short--the closer spacing of the keys is a problem for me, otherwise.

    The user interface is different, and takes some getting used to (software as well as hardware). There are some things I don't care for, but others that are better. Overall, the interface changes are probably a wash.

    Ring tones are louder, and the vibrate a bit stronger, I think.

    You'll read lots of complaints about resets, but mine is as stable as my 600. Maybe more so. Don't simply restore, or re-install, all of your old 600 apps. Start clean, and install the apps one by one, and test them for stability. Make sure you have the newest version of your apps. And make sure you keep at least a couple of megabytes of memory free. It seems to get flakey if you get below that. I've got about 5 MB free on mine, and it almost never resets or locks up.

    But you're right, there will probably be another new Treo late this year (or early 06 for GSM). Just like the 650 addressed some 600 problems but create some of it's own, I bet the next version will do the same. Only you can decide which one to keep. Personally, I don't think the 650 is enough better than the 600 to merit paying full price. But at $350, less a couple of hundred for selling my old 600, I think it was a worthwhile trade-up.
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    I have been using the 600 since Oct 2003 and the 650 since Nov 2004. Even with the problems stated, I have had satisfaction with the 650. Main bonus is the faster processor and the screen. Next is bluetooth. Although is is far from perfect, the 600 was not perfect either.

    I have installed the Shadowmite Rom #3 but the sound was liveable prior to the patching. After the patching, the sound was very good. Memory is liveable since I have a 512 Mb card. Battery life seems better too.
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    Well I decided to keep the 650 and will have the 600 up on eBay tonight. I made the mistake of looking in the box, and the techno-geek inside had to have it. It is charging while I am at work and i will activate it this evening.

    I guess sometimes you just have to what the heck!!
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    I think you made the right call. The 650 is far superior to the 600 for my use. I have 12.5MB free and the thing has been fast, stable as hell - and utterly usable.

    I will even go as far to say that the 600-650 jump is more signifcant that the 300-600 jump.

    I am thrilled.

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    although I don't have my treo 650 ul gsm unit yet..i have downloaded the ul gsm 650 user guide and dun manual..and I already have thr treo 600 manual on my comp...and well just reading the manuals side to side...the 650 does so much more in that little machine. I can't wait to feel the keypad..i can type pretty quickly on my treo 600 but I wonder how fast I will be able to go with the 650. when I was typing on my 7100r bb I was going a lot faster than the processor when it came to typing...yay

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