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    OK, I understand why you would use Powerrun over Zlauncher for space. However, I'm using it and still have 9ish megs free so not an issue.

    Powerrun looks so blatantly boring and simple (like the original launcher). Is this really what some people prefer? I'm not abouut backgrounds or crap either, but the tabs and row&column modifications in Zlauncer are cool. I used to use LauncherX which looked cleaner, but alas Zlauncher is needed for the ram issue.
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    I've tried ZLauncher, LauncherX and PowerRun, but not MSMount. All three that I've used will launch an app from the card. I can't get used to ZL and really prefer Lx or PowerRun.
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    Powerrun isn't a shell replacement like the other apps.. It just moves programs to the SD card while using the standard Palm launcher. It's not meant to be flashy or do anything else
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    I can honestly chime in here, I find Zlauncher very 'busy' and unattractive... I prefer the original launcher or launcherX, am considering a launcherX and Powerrun combo for myself...
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    ooh-boy am I glad I read this thread tonight! Earlier I spent an hour mucking around with zlauncher specifically and only for moving apps and pdbs to the card, and found it way too busy and cluttered. With so little real estate to start with, I prefer to have only immediately relevant infomation on-screen. I like the palm launcher with small icons - nice and clean.

    Anyway, from the comfort of my couch I clicked through the links to msmount and powerrun (just got a warranty upgrade from a 300 to a 600 and bought a 1g card - what a treat it is to install through blazer!)

    I moved frotz and my several megabytes of infocom games via powerrun and voila! Powerrun is definitely a keeper.

    Before trying powerrun, I first tried to move the infocom pdbs to the card via mssount and leave frotz in ram, but frotz seemed to have gotten confused - a few errors whizzed by when I closed frotz, and I think either frot or msmount copied the pdbs back to ram, because when I moved the pdbs from card to ram via filez I was prompted to overwrite them all.

    I'll try msmount with some other apps that have large dbs or if I run into any apps that don't like powerrun.

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