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    My Jabra is not getting it done. I have to make sure it is in the same side pocket as the ear I am wearing the headset on. I have a friend who uses a Motorola cell phone and bluetooth headset. He can leave his phone in the car and walk around outside and talk on the phone. Is this a Treo problem I am having, or is it the headset or both. Does anybody know of a product that really works well?
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    I tried both the Jabra 250 and Motorola 810 with the same results you describe - very limited range, poor sound quality, and static.

    After some research around here I found many people recommending the Sony Ericsson (Akono) HBH660. I have now owned mine for about 4 weeks and absolutely love it. Range is generally 10-15 feet, it's comfortable, and stays in place as I move around.

    One thing I have noticed is that when I get too near wireless networking devices (in the same room with a couple of wireless computers and a wireless router) I get a lot of static. This seems to be case with all of them and it's not nearly as bad with the SE headset.

    By the way, at the web site, if you try ordering any headset they display a warning about incompatibility with the Treo 650. I don't recall the exact language, but they did say something about reports of good results with the SE 660.
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    So Redhat, are you saying that will warn that the SE 660 may not be compatible with the Treo, but you ordered it anyway and works well?

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