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    Hello. First post. Bought my 650 about a week ago and am loving it. upgraded from a samsung sph-i300 (8MB of memory..., much crappier).

    I am loving this phone so far... no problems.

    But i would like to know if anyone has tried to download the geeksounds yet? i used these on my old i300 and they were great... but i can't find them on my new palm when i download them, so don't know if there's a *trick* that i need to do and don't know about.

    thanks ya'll...
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    GeekSounds is a pretty old program. If my recollection is right, it used to be called TrekSounds, but there were some legal issues with that name. It is the old type of 'hack' that needed HackMaster to run. Unless it has been updated, it won't run on OS5.
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    i never had "hackmaster" on my old palm i don't think... you may be right that it won't run on OS5? (since it doesn't work...) but previously i think it just replaced the system_midi_sounds or something like that, so i didn't know if it was something that i could delete on my own, and then load the geek sounds to replace system file i deleted?

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