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    I'm trying to track down a problem by deleting one app at a time until the problem goes away.

    While doing that I found something called "Email_libr_HsMp_BC..." and it seems to be 2663K in size - by far the biggest thing in my Delete list. The size alone makes me suspicious that it could be part of my problem.

    Any idea what that is and what app it belongs to?
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    You could try to ensure you have the file backed-up and then delete it. I don't know what that file is/does, but I do not have it on my 650 (used FileZ to look for it).
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    That looks like it could be the file that stores emails from your Business Connection. Filez will give you the creator ID for the file. Check that against the Business Connection ID.
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    So if we are not using "Business Connection", we could delete it?

    Please report back with your findings redhat.
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    u must either be using it or have used it. my file is only 260K. the only time is goes up is when i send pic thrw email. i have it backed up so that whenever it gets too big i just restore the orig settings. If you do a search on the filename you will get some great add'l info

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