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    Does backup buddy automatically back up your palm/visor every time you do a hotsynch so you always have the most "current" version that you can restore in case of a disaster? Or is it more manually controlled and backup only at specified times? I'm debating between this and the backup module and I cannot decide. Right now I'm sold on the module since its portable, but I think backup buddy has some other qualities going for it.
    I know this topic has been hashed out before, but I would appreciate any advice or responses.
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    From 1st hand experience go with backupbuddy, software is excellent, but support is just as good. Your software is backed up upon hotsynch, your info will always be current unless you manually change it. Good luck but go with the software for peace of mind.
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    If you'll usually be able to HotSync to recover from disaster, then BackupBuddy is the better value. Also, you can version your backups with BackupBuddy (really nice if you test alot of software, or if you want to switch between suites of apps with the 2MB Visor). However, if you frequently find yourself away from you PC or if you just fear the wrath of Murphy (Corollary 135a - Hard Resets are only needed when your PC is unavailable for a timely restore), then the Backup Module does buy you some peace of mind.

    BTW, that first backup with the BM will suck a big hunk out of the life of your batteries. After the first backup, the battery drain is not as noticable.
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    BackupBuddy gets my thumbs up. There are times when I force the conduit to NOT sync, like when I need to hotsync in a hurry.

    Via the control panel for the application on your pc, you can configure it to not backup certain databases. I do not back up my AvantGo database (800k) and my mail (100k-500k), as those are easily recreateable, and quite large.

    IMO, well worth the $20 or whatever price.

    I forgot to mention that I also have a 8mb flash module. It takes *FOREVER* to do a backup! About 5mb takes 20 minutes, or it seems like 20 minutes. At each battery change, I wipe the card and do a complete backup. Weekly, I backup the dbs I use most (datebook, address, todo, memo, password apps, etc). So, in case of disaster, I'm a step away from limping along.

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