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    My phone was not responding to the end call button so I conducted a soft reset. Now all it will do is power up, run the PalmOne screen then the Palm Powered logo over and over. What should I do???
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    Have a backup ? Do a hard reset.
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    No backup...I know I know. I followed the warm reset as described at the link below, but I can not turn the beam on. Any thoughts?,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(887)#hard
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    Turn the beam on ?
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    The website asks me to go into Pref>Power> and turn beam On. It will not let me do it and therefore when I try to power the radio up nothing happens. I can not turn it on.
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    hard reset will surely get this fixed for you. Likely you have a piece of software which is causing conflict with your Phone application. If you could reset the phone once and get to the database files, you could remove them. If you cannot warm or cold reset, you will need to hard reset in my opinion.
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    Just hold the power button, while sicking the stylus tip inside the reset hole in back.

    Will come back with erase all data Y/N ?
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    wait a minute. I see what you are talking about now. This note is given to verify that you have properly performed a "warm" reset. I just tested this procedure and found that to restore my radio function, I needed to soft reset the phone once more.

    If you sucessfully performed the "warm" reset and got the 650 back without a reset loop, try to perform the conventional reset and see if you can reactivate your beam on option
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    I did but it will still not let me turn on the radio.
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    Should I try a hard reset before I take it to the Sprint store?
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    did you successfully get the beam receive back on?
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    yes, they will laugh at you in the store if all they had to do is a hard reset. you have nothing to lose.
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    It will not turn on. I arrow down to on, press the center button on the 5 way but it stays on off.
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    did you successfully execute the soft reset after the warm reset? If you did and radio did not come on, try the soft reset again. Mine came back after this.
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    ok, that is not good. What modifications have you made? Did you patch the ROM?
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    Now after I perform a warm reset, I try the soft reset and it goes back into a reset loop...ARRGGG!!!!!!
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    No ROM patches at all. Just added 3rd party apps but no upgrades or patches.
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    Can you hot sync at this point? If you can successfully hotsync while the device is in this state without the radio and the beam on function, you should be able to back up your apps to perform a hard reset.

    Otherwise, there is a step where you can try the hardreset procedure (hold powerbutton while pressing reset, only letting go once you see the palm logo again) however do not say yes to the erase all data prompt. At that point perform a soft reset and see if you can turn on beam and the radio.
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    ok then my suggstion is to try the hard reset step one without the "yes" to the erase all data, then soft reset
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    Already tried every type of reset except an erase all hard reset. I do not have my sync cable with my now so I can not sync.
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