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    sorry DVD guy, don't know what else to tell you. I assume that when you say you tried every type of reset, that you did attempt the hard reset without the erase all step.

    Short of this, if you need to use that phone, just hard reset the device and rebuild it tonight when you get home.

    Good Luck and I feel for you man.
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    Problem solved! I just got a new 650 from the Sprint store. Now, which apps to reload...hmmm?
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    So instead of just hard resetting and losing your data, you got a new phone with no data either? Seems like a stupid solution..?

    Bet the sprint guys just took it in the back, hard reset it, brought it out and told him it was a replacement
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    No I am sure they did not. Mine was too beat up to fool me. Most of my revelant data I should be able to recover when I HotSync.
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    um okay, but why waste everyone's time saying you need a solution but you dont want to do anything that will cause data loss, then just go exchange the thing resulting in the same exact data loss you would have if you did a hard reset like people here suggested?
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    I was trying to find a solution before a hard reset of phone exchange.
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