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    A bug:

    Today is Monday. If I have a mailbox with messages which date back a few weeks, the messages for today are marked with the time they were sent, the messages of yesterday are rather nicely marked with 'Sun' and the messages from the day before yesterday with 'Sat'. If I then look back more than a week messages are marked with the date (e.g. 1/23). All very nice.

    However, there are sometimes a bunch of messages which are marked with the time and not the date even though they didn't arrive today. I've tried to work out if there is any rule for this bug and I believe that messages which arrived exactly one week ago (i.e. Monday 1/24) are shown incorrectly. However this is not always the case (I do have some messages which arrived on 1/24 which are correctly marked as arriving on 1/24). If you'd like a screen dump / log db of the problem, drop me a message.

    And a minor request:

    In the UK we write 24/1 instead of 1/24 for the 24th of January. This is the case for most Europe countries (in fact, I think it is the case for most non-US countries). A quick call to LmGetLocaleSetting with LmLocaleSettingChoice of lmChoiceDateFormat should ideally be used.

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    Hmmm... the problem seems to be more complicated than I thought. I just changed the time-zone on my phone and it now displays new messages with the stamp '1/31/05'.
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    Thanks, Geoff.


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