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    Chattermail is working well for me except that I am unable to delete mail on the server. My Chattermail mailbox is set to "sync messages" and I have tried all the deletion related options to no avail.

    It seems that all other aspects of the program are fine, when I open mail in Chatter the messages change from unread to read status on the server. I just can't delete any messages - no matter what I do.

    After making deletions on the Treo side I hit the EXPUNGE option. The expunge option ask me to confrirm that I really want to delete the messages in the folder, and I say yes. The Treo beeps but there is no confirming message after this. Should there be more to this? It seems that the Expunge command isn't working from the Treo.

    Our server runs Novell Groupwise 6.5.

    To localize the problem, I brought up Outlook Express and pointed at my mailbox with an IMAP connection. Interestingly Outlook Express shows the messages that I deleted with Chatter with a small red X next to each one, showing that Chatter has at least tagged the messages as being ready for purge. Clicking the purge option in Outlook completes the deletion and causes the Chatter tagged messages to finally delete.

    I am running version 1.0b20.2.

    Thanks for any suggestions on this!

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    Hi, Chris... I'm not that familiar with Groupwise, so I'd really appreciate it if you could make me a log showing a deletion attempt on the Treo and then the following 5 minutes or so. There are logging directions in a sticky thread in this forum, or I can mail them to you. Feel free to contact me at

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    Can you email the instructions for creating the log you need? I will be happy to send it to you.

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    You have private mail...


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