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    Hi all. I have previously owned a Palm IIIe, but stopped using it because the volume of the calendar alarms were too low, and they didn't repeat enough times for me to catch them. Instead I am now using my cell phone for calendar alarms, which gives intense alarming sound for about 1 minute (if I don't stop/snoooze).

    Now I'm thinking about buying a Treo and I am wondering about this aspect.
    Does the Treo 600 have "Palm alarm sound" or "cellphone alarm sound"?
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    The Treo 600 has a Sound tab in the Prefs applicaiton. The Sound tabl allows you to configure the alert volume for the Phone, Calendar, MMS, and SMS. Under the Calendar section, you can set the volume to be anywhere from 0 - 7. I keep my Treo on 4. To set the Phone's ring volume, you can use the volume buttons on the side of the device, or you can use the Phone section in the Sounds tab. I keep the phone on 5. The Sound tab also allows you to choose which alert sounds/tones you want to use for the various types of events which will tip an alarm.

    The one thing that I don't like about the Treo 600 is that alarms only sound once, where on the Palm Tungsten handhelds, the alarm sounds three times. The same features exist on the Tungsten and the Treo to snooze, ignore, or acknowledge.

    The really nice feature I do like about the Treo is the mute switch on the top of the device. Before I head into a meeting, flip the switch into slient mode, and rather than an annoying ring tone or alarm, the Treo simply vibrates on the table or my pocket.

    Alan G

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