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    OK...I REALLY like Chatter, as I have gone through some threads and familiarized myself with this app, I installed recently for trial...(I was using Snappermail before on trial, and will buy one of them). Forgive me if I review in length, I'm just getting use to Chatter for the last two days.

    I have yahoo (had it for 8 years...ain't changin'). So I signed up for Fastmail, and am forwarding from Yahoo to Fastmail, and set up an inbox in Outlook (for some reason I cannot set up any other folders in Outlook with Fastmail - or at least I don't know how to - but I have tried!).

    Anyway, now I am receiving emails, and the header is from ME...not the actual sender. When I open the email on my Treo, it show 'from' correctly (the ACTUAL sender), but in the compressed view, the sender shows as ME. Is this because I am forwarding?, because it looks like the ME is the one on Fastmail, apparently I set up Yahoo with my email short name.

    Also, I too am getting the duplicate new message when I reply to one of these emails that has the header from ME, but is not actually from ME....Here's the funny part...that ties in with the above...when the duplicate message hits my Treo (and mirrored in my outlook inbox) the header reads as though it was sent by the recipient (original message originator)...not me?...and when I open the duplicate, I'm not listed ANYWHERE as a recipient.

    Sorry for the pesky questions, and I'm sure I've just configured something wrong (these things are always my fault), but it's wierdin' me out a little...

    The Push is too cool, gotta have it...bye bye Snapper!

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    WAIT...So I found the 'toggle addressee' that problem alleviated...but I still do get the duplicate messages?...

    and a new question... how can I get 'TreoSent' synced to Outlook?...or is it even possible?

    I went through the 47 page manual...forget it, I'm lost....and Qsync?...when/where/what?

    This is going to be great once I 'get it'

    Thanks...and sorry for wasting time...just a novice here.

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