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    i have had so many problems with the omniremote demo. is the payed version better. When i try to type in a frequency is it necasary? the frequency dissapears once i close the options. i want to know how i can get it to just work on atv that i have no remote or frequency for what are some cool things to do with this program it seems so cool.
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    The program learns the codes and frequency from your current remote, so if you don't have one, you're out of luck...sort of. I saw at two omniremote databases that have 60 VCR codes and 80 TV code that cover 115 vcr's and 131 tv's. Do a search for 'omniremote' at and you'll find them.
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    Okay I am going to give you some good advice. I also was going to use Omniremote for a kind of Universal remote. I really thought about it and was maybe even going to get a solo Visor to use JUST for that purpose. After playing with it etc.. I really came to the conclusion that an actual remote with buttons was my best bet. When you are watching a move or something, you really donít need to have to turn the Visor on or press a button to turn on and launch Omniremote then hold down the power button to light the thing up then select your mode just to say adjust the volume.

    I am into home theater and have done a lot of research for the best Universal Learning remote for under $100. I found it and recommend the Radio Shack (yes I know you wouldnít think they could make something really nice) 15-1994. Do NOT get the 1995 as it isnít learning.

    So far it has worked great and controls most everything for me. I have yet to even have to use the learning memory yet. This is a GREAT remote for $30. I would rather have this than tie up my Visor.

    Check out this link for a nice forum all about it.http://<a href="http://www.remotecen....cgi?353,1</a>

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