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    I just downloaded a program called LinkPak which allows you to link entries in any of the 4 major applications (datebook+, addressbook, todo list, memopad) so that you can associate memos with dates, etc. instead of cutting and pasting memos into a note on your calendar or phone list. Anyways, you get the picture.

    I also found a hack that does something similar, however, i'd rather not use a hack. Has anybody found an application that allows this sort of linking to other apps on your visor. What i'd like to do is link a doc to a datebook entry or a Quicksheet spreadsheet to a todo item.

    I'd imagine that it would be a matter of linking a record from one database to another but i can't find anybody who's done this yet.

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    All I could find other than LinkPak was Linker(is this the hack you were talking about?). Linking between apps are really nice but $24(LinkPak)seem steep considering it works only with the four standard programs! I am going to try Linker($12).
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    i downloaded LinkPak and I'd say it's actuall a really cool program (s)! It essentially replaces your addressbook, datebook, memopad, todo with their own versions that include the linking capability. I've got an upcoming trip in my datebook linked with a 'things to bring' list in memopad, a 'flight details' memo, and a 'todo before i leave' item in todo. Along with the appropriate phone numbers to the airline (check flight status before leaving). I'm VERY impressed. One small problem, the datebook that comes with it is not Datebook+ so your to do items don't show up on your day view and you're missing the year view (which i never use) and the list views for 1 or 2 week and 'ultimate' list view. However, i never used them as i use Hotdate (does a better job). So essentially, aside from not seeing my ToDo items on my day view (which Hotdate compensates for) the new (old) datebook that LinkPak uses is fine (and now i can BEAM dates like in Datebook!)

    I recommend downloading the fully functional 30 day preview. it doesn't affect anything once removed because it uses all the same databases your regular apps use. And if you don't want to spend the 24 dollars (which i'm still not willing to do) you can delete the apps when they expire but don't delete the Link.silverDB file and re-install it again without losing any of your links! (i know, call me cheap but how many of you never re-installed shareware after it expired? )

    i think Palm should seriously consider incorporating some sort of linking feature in future OS versions. It REALLY makes things easier.
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    Well I've been using Linker for a few days, and it's pretty good, too. It is a hack but I have had no problem so far. I'm packing for my upcoming trip too, and I entered a Todo item "Pack" in my Datebook+. Then I created a link from Datebook+ a link to HandyShopper where I have my packing list. Another point I like is that it let you easily go back to the item your link originates, too.

    I agree that Palm OS should incorporate link function. It makes navigation a lot easier. Also I hope they add drag & drop function, too(I use Drag&Drop).
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    It's been a few days now that i've been using LinkPak and although the functions it provides are great, i had to delete it from my visor. Strange things started occuring. I've had apps strangely change to the datebook (link version) without me pressing a button (i.e: i'm reading a document in SmartDoc and next thing i know i'm looking at happened while playing Rally1000 a few times too. So i've deleted LinkPak and things are back to normal.

    I guess i'll try Linker. I'm not a big fan of hacks (i've used a few in the past and deleted them (and hackmaster) after not wanting to deal with problems that resulted in soft resets, etc.) Linker is sounds like it's working for you Taki. Is there a time limit on the hack or did they hold back certain features for the shareware version?

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    I believe that Datebk4 (see is supposed to include a linking capability between the main four databases. These links would presumably be synced with your desktop PIM, although I assume they wouldn't be usable on the desktop. There is another program called "Arranger" (see, that will allow you to make a project-type outline of to-do tasks, appointments, notes, etc. that include links to the main four databases as well. (Support for Datebk4 and the Visor's built-in Datebook+ is planned for the next release, according to their notes on the current beta.)


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    Hoser_in_USA: The unregistered version of the Linker hack simply restricts the number of links you may use at one time. I think the limit is 15. Of course the full version allows MANY more.

    - Kevin
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    action names from . this is the killer app for linking. datebook 4 bases alot of it's interface on AN but AN is cleaner. the only thing is, no link to memopad. the other thing is, it uses the original palm os databases on your visor, so anything you do on the desktop automatically shows up in the right place. i love this app, and highly reccommend it.

    that said, the link i really want is from AN (or todo) to handyshopper. that would be killer!
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