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    I've read every thread here and know all the problems.

    Current owners only, please advise with a simple yes or no. Should I buy a Sprint Treo 650 or not?

    What say you?
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    Yes. I've been very happy with mine. Just apply the Shadowmite patch.
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    Yes IF you feel comfortable with applying various customizations and patches until you are happy with it.
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    worth every dime, mine is a virgin unpatched just tons of 3rd part app. make sure you get a launcher I use powerrun.
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    it depends. How much will you have to pay, and what do you have now?

    Personally, I wouldn't pay full price to upgrade from a 600. But if you can get one of the special deals for signing a 2 year contract (as low as $319, I think), then absolutely (but see the caveats above).
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    A simple YES or NO is not the way to go about making this decision. You have to think about so many things like how good coverage is, even though you will have 14 days to return it if the coverage is bad. You also have to consider whether you mind calls going to voicemail when you are actively transferring data.

    I love my Treo 650. I'm very surprised at how good it is!

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    I love this phone and wouldn't give it up now that I have it, but I would not tell someone to buy it. The memory issue, sound quality, and other problems, which I'm sure you've read, are to vast. And I'm not a so called "power user".

    The only exception - If you are technically savy. Then you can take advantage of Shadowmite's patch(es), Z-launcher, and File-Z. The knowledge you recieve on this board is what would make the differance.
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    I said yes, but really depends on what you want/need and are willing to spend

    I wanted a phone/pda/email/Internet combo that does everything the 650 does and I got it at a great price. Even so, there were issues that probably would have caused me to return it but for the info I got on this board

    So for someone like me the answer is Yes, IF you read this site and know how to handle things like the memory problem, versamail and Blazer resets and the 3rd party ROM issue
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    Quote Originally Posted by quake97
    I love my Treo 650. I'm very surprised at how good it is!
    Yeah me too.. Maybe it's because I set my expectations low after reading so much crap talk about it on here.

    I mean, it really could use triple the memory, and WTF is up with that sync/power interface?? (wheres the dock already), but overall so far so good...

    This is coming from me who had a ton of probs with my T600 and returned it after two weeks, so this is a big upgrade.. But for someone coming from a good working 600, I could see how it could be a slight letdown.
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    If you don't really depend on your phone for anything but taking goofy pictures and playing games then buy it.

    If you are a business professional, and reliability is a must- go get a 600.
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    I had a Treo 650, and now a PPC6601. I like both, but there are many advanced features in the PPC that I found absent in the T650, like out-of-the-box WiFi support, hand writing recognition, bigger screen, straight forward DUN, power application availability, native MS file support, Pocket outlook, to name a few.

    I guess, your decision depends on what you want this device to do for you and seeing if it is capable of doing it or not. For some the T650 is a dream phone, while for others there are better choices.

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