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    What is the best software to use with my visor deluxe for balancing my checkbook and keeping expenses as the day goes on? Nothing too fancy, just an easy but precise piece of software that looks nice and has no bugs!! and besides this website (visorcentral) any links to any other helpful sites so I can get more info on up and coming (or current) software, modules, etc... thanks
    I am on a rev b imac 266 and a ibook 300

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    I've been using PocketMoney since the first of the year, and it's pretty terrific. You get a full transaction register, and after setting up your account (~1 minute), entering a transaction takes about 15-20 seconds. You can generate reports by category or by payee, and it's probably the most stable piece of software on my Visor.
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    I'll second PocketMoney (Nothing to do with MS Money). Fairly simple to use especially compared to some other ones I've used like PMT and Pocket Quicken.

    Some people like the option of having things sync up with the desktop. I try to get everything on my Visor and leave the desktop behind if I can help it. After all, I'm just following my accounts, not planning my taxes and mortgages, etc.
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    and I can sync it to my ibook and imac? with OS9? could you add a link for me so i can check it out? thanks for the replies!!
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    Sync it to the Mac? it's a standalone product on the Palm, from what I believe (though there are conduits available).

    just check out pocketmoney on and you can go to the website of the author from there.
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    ok, now that we have the finance part down, how about email. Most likely I will not be using it for email, but should the chance occur, I would like to have the option. I use outlook express 5 and use a imac, and a ibook. both running OS9. whatdya think? is there a decent email program for my new handspring deluxe? thanks for any info you can give.
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    glad to know there are other mac users out there

    for the first question, i use 2 different programs - my checkbook, and alltime. they both back up to the computer but neither hasa direct sync.

    as for email - the only choice there is for us, so far as i can see: MultiMail. there are 2 different incarnations - the conduit, purely for syncing to the mac (you cannot do this with the palm-provided software) and the conduit+pro which allows you (with a modem) to send and receive mail on the road. i travel alot so i have the latter, but if you have a laptop, and are thinking email may be just a luxury, go for the former. its nice to be able to sync your whole inbox and read it on the train in the morning... or to write one on the go, sync it when you get back home and send it...

    anyway. there's my $.02


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