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    Recently I have been attracted to the new Treo 650 from Cingular.

    My current phone is with AT&T and I have a special International Calling plan. For a standing charge of $3.99 a month, I can call the Unitied Kingdom at any time for 6 cents a minute. I spend about $25 on minutes per month.

    Cingular has a similar plan with the same standing charge but their cheapest rate to the UK is 19 cents a minute. It would cost me over $75 on calls instead of $25.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about this. For me it is a deal breaker and I cannot see how to get a Treo without losing this deal.

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    A possible work around might be to use a phone card like Net2Phone. Their US to UK landline rate is .05 cents per minture the US to UK mobile line rate is .21 cents per minute and of course whatever air time you use.

    There are probably others that are less expensive, thut N2P has been around for several years and is tried and true.

    Good luck.
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    use a call back service - like
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    You could get a VoIP solution, which will save you money. Vonage is quite good.


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