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    First off, let me say that I'm not one to use this forum to moan, in fact it bugs me just how many posts there are on here picking apart what is essentially one of the finest all-in-one-PDA's available today.

    However, my problem isn't with the Tre0 650 itself. It's with Palm and their whole cradle swindle.

    1) A $600 PDA phone with no case and no cradle? Per-leeease!

    2) Here we are two months after the release of the 650 and STILL no cradle. It's on the Treo Store now but, surprise-surprise, 'Not In Stock'.

    3) And finally, to add injury to insult the cradle kit (who exactly needs a 'kit'? Just the cradle would be fine, thank you) will retail at $49.99!!! Fifty bucks in addition to the $600 we've already spent?????

    A digusting, money making, middle finger up at their customers state of affairs if ever I saw one.

    I won't be buying a 650 cradle. Let's all boycott them and see what they do with their expensive $50 pieces of plastic and plug adapters!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taz8
    It's on the Treo Store now but, surprise-surprise, 'Not In Stock'.
    It's been there all along...

    I won't be buying a 650 cradle.
    I will be buying one since I want to be able to keep a spare battery charged, and the cradle seems to be the only solution for that. However, I won't be buying it for full retail from P1, that's for sure.
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    Before it was in the Store with something like 'to be released soon'. Now it shows the price and says 'Not In Stock' suggesting that it once was! I'm sure they sold out like hot cakes when folks saw that bargain price!

    I understand your point re: the extra battery. Good luck finding the best deal you can. I hope you find a REAL bargain and can make the rest of us aware of it so we don't get fleeced by Palm.
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    You can always buy an extra Treo to keep your spare battery in for charging.
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    I've been charging the battery to 100% and thn swapping it out to charge the other one. Works for me so far...

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