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    Wow, I just found this app last week. So far we (myself and a co-worker) are just evaluating it, but we will likely register soon as we are pretty impressed.

    Had a funny thing happen when I woke up this morning. My Inbox (as well as two subordinate mailboxes) are gone from the folder list. The two mailboxes still exist as pressing the cycle button brings them up - but they don't show in the list. The Inbox does appear to really be gone though. It might have been something I did, however, as I have been testing a lot of applications.

    We like the way you supersede the versamail link on the phone app. Are there plans to do the same on the agenda page of calendar?

    Also, we are evaluating this for use with senior administration at our University. It might be nice if the icon that was displayed in the phone app looked at little more like a standard message icon instead of a miniature of your application icon. I think it would be a better visual cue for less technical users.

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    Hi, Terry. A few people have had this issue, but it's been rare. I suspect that it's due to the way you initially set up your accounts/folders (I can't ever make it happen). Do you remember the sequence you used? Did you rename the built-in "Inbox" or create a new one or what?



    p.s. The best thing to do would be to start over, and use the existing Inbox for your primary account (just rename it to what you like).
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    No, I used the definitely used the default Inbox. I don't remember renaming it - but I might have. (If I had, would it still have shown as Inbox in the file list?) I added IMAP folders then I setup the smtp info. I don't know if it helps, but the last thing I remember doing the night before was opening attachments that I had sent to myself.

    If it helps with troubleshooting the problem, here are the files with ZRKa creatorID that still exist on my treo:



    ChatterUtils - ZRKi
    ChatterExg - ZRKx

    Otherwise, I will reinstall as you suggest. Also, what do you think of my suggestion regarding altering the notification icon used in the Phone app to look more like a standard messaging icon?


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    And what does your folder list look like? (We can continue this via email, if you like, at


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