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    I need help. Snapper vs. Chatter.

    Here's what I'd like... off the bat, 'Push' technology would be terrific (currently use POP, but have registered with fastmail to have IMAP ability). I want something that lets me open attachments (Word/Excel/Jpeg) easily - maybe move/access them to SD easily as well once opened. I would love to have my Treo's email sync'd with Outlook, I can keep my contacts/calendar/etc. sync'd through Pocket Mirror, so that's no biggie.

    I have demo'd Snapper... great looking email client, like the options it gives you to look at emails, and the seeming ease for attachments (Docs to go obviously a must though) and SD options...but no PUSH? sync'd mailboxes?

    I loaded Chatter, which has impressive PUSH option (through fastmail for me) The syncing is cool, but don't like the 'not deleted messages - that are deleted' IMAP thing. I am also worried about the long term as chatter seems pretty snappy attachment options, SD card movement, seems like I need to hunt to make those things happen. Looks like in 6 months or so, I might be sorry.

    I have not used either of these for more than a couple of days, and want to s**t AND get off the pot.

    Hopefully there are some of you that have used these programs extensively that can give me guidance.


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    Plenty of threads already on this - both have their pluses. I think Chatter is the future, but still behind Snapper a little in the UI & SD capability (coming).

    Check some if these out (or do a search on "Snapper Chatter")"
    link 1
    link 2
    link 3

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