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    I have been using Sprint BC but after reading the rave reviews about Chattermail I am curious. What are the differences/advantages/disadvantages between the two?
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    You may want to search for this as it has been hashed out before, but since I asked the same question not too long ago....:
    Basically the monthly service you get from Sprint is supposed to give you "push" technology for email. I found, however, after using it for while I had numerous delays between sending and receiving on my device, many minutes or longer. So I decided to try Chattermail. After some work, not much, I got my work email to forward a copy of all emails to my new free fastmail IMAP email account, then point Chattermail to it. Now, even with Outlook checking for email every 2 minutes I ALWAYS get Chattermail notification first - it is so fast it amazes me. I love Chattermail. The only thing to watch for is the free Fastmail account takes some maintenance if you get a lot of emails as it has limited monthly allotments...I just log on to Fastmail every other day or so and delete the email. It has made the Treo as Blackberry like as I you can.

    IMO Chattermail blows the door of of the monthly service - especially since Sprint says you can expect delays but could not identify how long those delays could be in delivery. I work in a very time-sensitive industry (recruiting / staffing) so I need emails right away.

    I sure as hell don't work for Chattermail, but I did gladly pay for the applicaiton.
    I wish I had a dime for every dime I have

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