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    When I set BT to on, my phone won't turn back on when the screen goes off or I turn it off.

    I find that I have to take the battery out and put it back in to get the phone back on.

    Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Or need a patch?

    Also, it seems that sometimes I press the end button to turn the phone on, nothing happens. The keyboard will light up but not the screen. I press it a few more times, and then the screen finally lights up. Any comments?

    BTW..I just received this yesterday and being a previous 600 owner, I can honestly say the reviews are spot on this site. The screen is excellent and IMO the major reason for wanting to keep it. But I am disappointed with the BT so far. And Versamail is frustrating if your a user. (thinking i might switch to using my gmail account). The camera is also much improved although i never used it much on the 600. The games run better. Handmark express runs faster. The web is faster. Although it takes a long time to call when using contacts and it prompts on cancel when using the call log (often noted on here )

    I'm still on the fence on whether i'll return it. I keep thinking that screen is nice though. Maybe if I could get BT working?
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    I assume you're using the Shadowmite ROM upgrade to enable BT? I have the same issue. When using BT connected to my laptop, if my phone screen goes off, I have to push the red end call button to activate the screen, I have to do it a number of times before the screen comes on.

    Anyone else with this same problem and a solution?

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    No, not using another ROM. If I turn BT on, I have to leave the phone on because if it goes off, I have to take the battery out to get it to come back on.

    If I turn off BT, no problems..
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    Ah, just using BT for a headset or hotsynch? I'd take it to a Sprint store(assuming it's the CDMA model with Sprint PCS) and have them check it out. I haven't seen this problem.
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    Nor am I experiencing this issue with my Scala 500 headset. and I have turned the phone off and on several times since getting the Scala 500.
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    Thanks guys. I'm going to exchange it then. The problem wasn't with connecting to another device (i was in the car), it was just simply enabling BT to ON in the treo. After that, the phone would need the battery taken out if the screen went off. (simple issue..harder to

    Although maybe this will explain why i was having such a slow sync using BT and laptop (new dell 9200 laptop with BT). After 10 min of watching the sync screen, I cancelled it and gave up. "backing up bejeweled"...5 min later..."backing up scrabble"...5min later..i cancelled it.. As someone brand new to BT...tell me this isn't what BT syncing is all about... I'm afraid to even try using the phone as a BT modem given the sync problems.

    I really want to keep this 650 over the 600 that i've had for a year, but i'm trying to find more reasons other than the nice screen. 7 days left in the trial period...still deciding..
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    I use BT with my laptop (using Shadowmite's ROM hack). It works flawlessly outside of the issue with the screen I mentioned in my first post above. I tried my Bluetrek G2 headset with it and was largely disappointed... Perhaps it was due to being around alot of wi-fi equipment. I'll try it again sometime while I'm in the car or something...

    Away from the 650, I use Delorme's Bluetooth GPS connected to my laptop for GPS services (travel - directions, location, etc.). It rules! Not having a cable running all over the place (from laptop to GPS receiver) is something you can't explain - it's great!

    I'm frustrated that my 650 right D-PAD isn't "solid". Kinda like the mushy P key people have been mentioning, I have the "mushy" right D-PAD. I hate to exchange it as everything else is working top-notch...

    Good luck!

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