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    After using my new Treo 650 for a couple days I set up and began using the included Versamail email client. Sure enough the unit began to act weird, miss calls and battery life went down the tubes. Turned off Versamail and all the problems disappeared. From what I've read, Versamail is to be avoided.

    I need to find another good email client, preferably one that doesn't cost a lot and ideally one that handles IMAP. Any experiences with the Agendus email client? Others?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Most people will recommend SnapperMail, Good, or ChatterMail. It really depends on the type of email clients you need, POP3, IMAP, etc.

    I am trying SnapperMail (POP3) now and have 2 major complaints. First off, the screen turns itself on everytime the automatic check for email occurs, which is every 5 minutes for me. The second problem I am having is with attachments. SnapperMail says the file is corrupt but it works fine with VersaMail. It could just be the trial version I am using.
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    I tried all of them and the best one for me has been chatter and the support from Marc is fantastic.

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    I second what fkpalm said. If you are going to go the IMAP route, give Chatter a try. It takes a little bit to set up but once you get it working, its a dream. I have it syncing two accounts, one on fastmail and one for fusemail. Good Luck.
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    Another vote for Chatter - I have my work email, Yahoo (fusemail), Hotmail/Gmail (fastmail) all synced up and it works great. I can't live without this app. I was tired of VersaMail after 2 days, and Snapper was OK compared to Chatter.
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    i love the title of this thread. Implies versamail is a good email client. LOL
    Chatter all the way baby.
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    I meant Versamail was a BAD email client.
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    I was using Snapper but have recently been introduced to Chatter. Its a fantastic e-mail client if you have an IMAP e-mail account, as it has no POP3 support.
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