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    I recently bought FileMaker Mobile 7 and upgraded to FileMaker Pro 7 on the desktop side.

    All of the Synch functions work great and I love the improvements FileMaker has made in this area.

    On the Treo 650 side, things aren't so exhilarating. Whenever I attempt to add a new record the Treo resets.

    Has anyone else tried using FM7Mo on their Treo and what kind of experiences have you had? Anyone know if FileMaker is working on an update to correct this?

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    Same experience. Also crashes if you try to modify a record.

    I reported a bug via their website as soon as I upgraded to the 650. Not a peep out of them. I keep meaning to call and complain, but have the feeling it'll be pointless.
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    ahmontgo, yep. FileMaker doesn't seem to be a very customer-centric company.

    I suspect that there is something in the Treo 650/Palm OS that isn't agreeing with how some Apps handle data.

    Last night I upgraded to Personal Audio Recorder Pro and was having similar problems. The 650 would lock up after recording a second voice memo. Love it when that happens, have to remove the battery cover to reset. (Maybe I should drill a small hole for a paper clip to fit into in order to conveniently reset?) So I went back to using the less expensive version that I bought. A small developer such as is pretty much on the ball when it comes to customer service. He's been responsive to my inquiries and I appreciate that a bunch.

    As far as database Apps are concerned, I have been using HanDBase Pro for years. It is far ahead of FileMaker Mobile in features, it just lacks that slick Sync function that FileMaker offers. I am just using the HanDBase Desktop App to convert my data. I use my Palm device primarily for data collection but occasionaly "sync/import/export" data both ways.

    Hope we can get a solution soon. Regards, Wild.
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    Crashes with version 2 as well.
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    I received the following email from FileMaker yesterday:

    'We have found that FileMaker Mobile 7 is currently not compatible with the
    Palm Tungsten T5, Treo 650, or other handheld computers that include Palm OS
    version 5.4. Please check back to for further information
    in the future.'

    Hope they get this resolved soon.
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    About time. I only reported the bug a month and a half ago. Plus they should've known about this when the T5 was released.
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    FYI: New update of FileMaker Mobile 7 is available which states:

    This update fixes issues related to incompatibilities with palmOne devices that use the 5.4 OS: the Tungsten T5, Treo Smartphone 650, the Tungsten E2, and the LifeDrive.
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    This is a pattern for FileMaker/Claris... the last Palm App release (on the 300) did the same things. These guys don't learn from the past and you know what they say about those kind of folks... I have bailed on FileMaker as a result.
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    Yep, it works again. Only took about nine months from the release of the T5. Can't wait till the next time it breaks...
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    Is this only for version 7? I still use version 6 of FileMaker which was using FileMaker Mobile 2. Am I going to be forced to upgrade to 7 in order to use FileMaker Mobile?
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    These guys have built some conduits to sync filemaker databases with your native palm apps which filemaker mobile doesn't do. I just found this site and it looks like the real deal.


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