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    Quote Originally Posted by quake97
    Sound quality on my Treo 650 is fine, better than the 600 on AT&T.
    Who's your carrier for the 650? Sprint? If so, did you apply the patch?

    Also, where in the Philly Suburbs? I'm in Glenside...
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    I was in the same situation because I get 20% off my bill with Cingular (Company discount). However, Sprint was a better deal. Here is how:

    I have a $35 flexible plan nation wide unlimited nights and weekend with 300 any time minutes. Which is not bad for me. And if I need 100 more minutes Sprint will charge me $5 extra and so on. This is a killer plan for me, because sometimes I only use ~250 other months ~350 and some other times ~400.
    Plus my data plan is $10 bucks a month. A real killer plan.

    Now, coverage.
    I live in Modesto, CA and I get really good signal everywhere I go. And this weekend I drove up to Sacramento and hang out at the Arden Fair Mall where I got excellent signal. The most important part is that my wife says that I sound really good on my Treo 650, which I couldn't prove until I left a voice message with my Treo at home and when I got back home it was pure clear. It did not sound like I was calling from a cellphone at all. I compared it with another cellphone message I had in my answer machine and my Treo really ROCKS.
    My data speed is really good. According to I get ~100kpbs or more.
    I'm so happy with my Treo that I had a beer with it just looking at it and smiling. This is what I told my wife last night, "I don't think I could ever ever go back to anything less than my Treo" And I'm coming from a Sony Clie NX70v.

    What have I done to my Treo?
    -I have Shadomite ROM Patch install
    -I have BTmute patch, which makes a big different on my Scala BT headset
    -I installed lots of apps by checking the newest version first. It does make a difference. Plus YOU MUST BACKUP ALL THE TIME BEFORE INSTALLING NEW APPS.

    I have a SPRINT Treo 650 and I am 100% HAPPY...

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    We now have two rock solid Sprint Treo 650's in our household. One crashfree for 18 days (wife's) and the other 4 days (mine-I mess around way too much with this thing).

    I guess that makes us 200% happy.....

    Quote Originally Posted by acajigas
    I have a SPRINT Treo 650 and I am 100% HAPPY...
    There's more to life than technology....but not a whole lot more
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    FWIW, I jut came back from Park City Utah, the Canyons, and was at 8000 feet- about 100 yards from where those 5 idiots died in an avalanche- and my TMO signal was good enough to get all my e-mail, call my office and download this page. No complaints for Tmo here.
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