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    Can anyone recommend a good password manager?
    Nothing too fancy, just to keep track of all of my online accounts/passwords, credit card numbers, PINs, etc.

    I've downloaded Mobile Account Manager, but alas it is not free and will expire after my trial period. Is there a good freeware that can serve my needs?

    Sorry if I sound cheap, but I'm a med student and need to keep my expenses down. However, I might have to splurge soon and get a backup buddy or backup module (backup buddy trial period ends in 20 days!)
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    Give Strip 0.5 a try (on
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    I second Strip.
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    I have narrowed it down to Strip and Cryptinfo.

    Strip is nice (and hey, it's free!) but I've found Cryptinfo to be a much better interface. Plus, I can import and export entire lists of passwords quite easily.

    TopSecret is nice in that it also has a desktop companion. Unfortunately, it is for Windows only.

    I did find a program for the Mac that has mentioned that they may create a Palm version (so you could sync them with the Mac). If you are a mac user that is looking for a password program, drop them an email and encourage them to come out with it:

    Hope that helps!

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    I have tested and found that all these password managers are just too much hassle to use. I find that I want to maintain the passwords on the PC anyway (in Memo items). I use TealLock to protect my Visor.
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    I've tried a bunch of them, including Strip. I settled on multiAccounts. It seems to very flexible and easy to use.
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    I tried strip, secret and top secret. I finally settled with top secret. The reason being, with Strip and Secret the database was not getting backed up when I did a hotsync. With top secret the database gets backed up when I do a hotsync and it is a freeware. I like the top secret's user inteface too.
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    I tried them all and ended up registering CryptInfo. I like the fact that you can import and export from it, and I felt it had the most user friendly interface.

    Also note that in regard to the previous post, if a database is not getting backed up it's easy to change the backup bit with any of a number of freeware programs, DB Explorer for example.
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    Another option for securing passwords (or any other memos for that matter) is Certicom's Secure Memo. Secure Memo is an encryption enabled memo pad replacement. It uses Public Key encryption meaning you only need to enter your password to DECRYPT an encrypted message.

    Since it uses the Memo Pad database, all of your encrypted messages are backed up when you hotsync. You can see the encrypted memo with either the memo pad app or the Palm Desktop but the information appears as a random mess of characters.

    Certicom is one of the leaders in Public Key encryption. Their products are well respected in the computer security industry. The algorithms used in Secure Memo have been analyzed extensively by cryptography experts who have not been able to break them.

    Secure memo is free. You can find it at

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    I tried Secret! for a while and it was OK. Then I tried Mobile Account Manager and liked it much better (with all the categories and such).

    As for back-up, I happily used Palm Desktop until one morning in February when I blew the battery changing process (it's simple, I know - it was really early in the morning) and the entire contents of my Visor was gone. *Major catastrophe*. I've spent the last six weeks recovering - I rely on the little Visor that much. Yes, Backup Buddy is expensive (I think), however, given my dependence on the Visor, I bought it as a way to avoid needing to hire a psychiatrist the next time (if ever) my Visor goes kaput again.
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    Thanks, davignon! The Certicom Secure Memopad looks very good. I believe I will take advantage of their free offer.


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    I've been using Strip around the office, and I like it because it's free, and I can beam entries and categories around to my co-workers.

    A feature I would like, though, is to be able to sync my passwords to a desktop app, so I can view/edit the passwords from the desktop. Do any of the above apps do this?
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    TopSecret does this with a desktop companion program (provided that you are running Windows!)

    Cryptinfo allows you to export your file to notepad, which you could then export, and then delete. A few steps...but it works.
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    Thanks for all your suggestions. Tried most of them and am settling on Strip.

    Visorhead: re: Strip data not being backuped during hotsync; will backupbuddy keep all my data? If I do a hard reset, will all my passwords be non-retrievable from backupbuddy?
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    Backup Buddy should back it up properly, but you may not need it. Just download a free utility like DB Explorer and look at the data file. If the Backup bit is not set, then just set it. Then anytime the data is modified it will be backed up during hotsync.

    Disclaimer: This works fine for me with a Palm IIIx with OS 3.3, have no idea if Visor backup works properly.
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    Originally posted by jedimasterp:
    Visorhead: re: Strip data not being backuped during hotsync; will backupbuddy keep all my data? If I do a hard reset, will all my passwords be non-retrievable from backupbuddy?
    I have not used backup buddy, but I am assuming that the data being backed up must be re-useable.
    I would recommend you to download Strip, Secret!, TopSecret and other freeware password managers and use them for a few days. Just input a few of the userids and passwords and try hotsyncing and see if the DBs are backedup and then delete the DB from you Visor and see which of the apps allow you to restore your data and make your decision.
    Good Luck.

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    There is a freeware program called BackUpAll that sets the backup bit globally (for all of your application). It's saved my *** a few times.

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    and then there's the backup module...

    i've never used backup buddy, but i have had to restore a few times, and have never had any trouble with the module at all. i don't know the technical stuff, but it seems to me that the module restores the whole damn thing just as you saved it. encryption and all. sort of like backing up your system folder to a zip disk.

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    My only concern with the Backup Module is what if you happen to have it in the Handspring and then you loose it/run over it with your car.

    The software options allow you to backup the info to another computer, which simply means a more redundant backup system.

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    I didn't want ANOTHER application for the specific purpose of keeping passwords... SO I came up with two different methods:

    1) ThinkDB -- I created a password-protected database that gives me Website/Company name, URL, userID, password (all text/string fields) and notes (a Memo field).

    2) MemoSafe -- a MemoPad replacement that allows good encryption, can still beam and syncs automatically with the desktop software.
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