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    I downloaded the AMR into my phone and I can not find it anywhere, where is it??
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    Quote Originally Posted by abarrios
    IT DOES!!! Just convert the mp3 to amr using this small FREE app from Sony Ericsson and download it through an email! NO need for any 3rd party apps!!!!
    Did this and they sound like crap!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    All these hoops to do a basic funtion.

    Well, what do you expect for $700 a device?
    Exactly. Where where they for the ringtone meeting... What the hell do people at Palm do all day anyway. GET TO WORK PEOPLE!
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    I just took an MP3, converted it to WAV, chopped off the part I wanted and now it's a ringtone. It took me five minutes.

    I've had the Treo for only 4 days
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