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    I am a fan of Causerie, anyway let me try this.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeantownTreo600
    I shelved this application because it reset my SprintPCS Treo600 all the time whenever the login attempt started. Just last night I installed it again (naive optimist) to see if it was more stable. And I was able to login but I am not seeing any incoming IM's. My phone number is in the login page but I can't seem to receive anything. Anyone have a guess as to what I can do?
    I just installed it this morning on my Sprint Treo600 and it works great. No resets at all. Must be an app you've got that's conflicting with it....
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    I have been a big time user of Causerie. They do a great job. I would want to try this one out as well.
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    I tried Yahoo! Messenger and it looks very nice. I can receive messages, but when I try to reply back, I get a generic server error. The IM+ beta worked for me, although it was rough around the edges.
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    I have been using it for a while now and it works with no problems. I leave it logged on all the time. I can send msgs when people arent signed on and they get them later on. I receive messages and it allows you different options for alerts. If you havent tried it, back up your stuff and give it a shot (I do wish some of the other options worked though - like the picture posting.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho
    Sorry, my message didn't post.

    I have checked my sms limits multiple times when using this program. I still have 96 available out of 100. I have used this program actively (i.e. while in the program-sending IM's back and forth) and inactively (i.e. surfing the web with blazer on TC and getting the pop up IM's) and it doesn't seem to change my SMS allotment.

    I thought the developer said that it uses SMS for everything. Anyone have any ideas.

    Great work BTW.
    You will have to check TOS but both Picture and Premium pack of Sprint indicates

    Unlimited email and instant messaging from America Online® and Yahoo!®

    Now that may allow incoming SMS messages from these services without charging your SMS. I see similar things when yahoo calender sends me reminders or yahoo mail notify me in some cases.
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    I've been using Yahoo Messenger for past few weeks. As previous poster mentioned, I've also noticed my Sprint 100 text messaging allotment per month is not affected. At this point, I'm very sure Yahoo Messenger has no affect on my Sprint plan whatsoever.

    I have also noticed the picture function does not work correctly, so I don't even try anymore. My Treo had a soft reset when I tried the first time.

    This program works very well for me. It could have some more refinements added to it, but all in all, it's a great program...and free too!
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    Used this, I feel it is good but I cannot change from Causerie. I think I am addicted to its features.
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    First Congrats for a good product. It works good most of the time and it is free. It causes few resets once in a while sometime without any reason at all. Definitely it is less whne you allow it to be connected and updated before trying to use by pressing any button. I am amazed that it picks all the incoming messages within reasonable timeeven though we are not on web and constantly logged in (may be because using SMS for incoming messages).

    1. Like the Desktop software, is it possible to send any text messages to a mobile number. I tried but did not work any time.

    2. I send all my messages by pressing the yahoo id name.

    When I press the menu button, and it takes me to an option " send a message" and it opens a new window , what does it suppose to do ? I am not able to use that as there is no way you can put a receipient's id there unless you type ?

    Treo, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I installed Treo Messenger for Yahoo (on my Treo 650 Unlocked) and it worked, but it was so buggy I decided to delete it.

    Now, I can't get my email (using Versamail). When I try to retrieve mail, I get the usual "Signing on" message, but then it says, "Cancelling" and then, "Unable to Establish PPP Connection." I'll try it again in the morning, but if it persists, I now have a serious problem. I haven't installed any other software in some time, and this just started happening when I deleted Messenger. Please help. Thanks.
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    Of course, I've already tried a soft reset and turned the phone on and off a couple of times....
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    Never mind. By pure coincidence, moments after I deleted yahoo messenger, our local Cingular attenna must have ceased accepting transmissions for Internet activity. It resumed operation a few minutes ago. Thus, yahoo messenger was not the cause of the problem. Sorry for the false alarm.
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    nm. This program is nice!
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    Is anyone else having trouble with this program? When I run it, my Treo goes into slow motion and it takes forever for the program to do anything. Weird.

    Also, my ID and contacts are duplicated on the main screen.
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    Mine works great for past few months. Just used it yesterday. Yes, I too have had the same duplicate contact ID thing...weird.
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    I use AOL and have Aol buddies mostly - I do have one Yahoo buddy - will this work with Verichat - I mean at the same time?
    Cingular 680
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    latest beta keeps crashing my 650 - acts weird and unstable
    Cingular 680
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    sticking TO VERICHAT.....
    Cingular 680
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    Yes, its SMS only at this time for incoming messages. Check this page for info:
    His notation of Sprint's SMS package is completely inaccurate. 100 SMS is no longer included in Vision Plans on personal accounts. They use to be, but not anymore.

    It breaks down as follows:
    > $5 for 100 SMS
    > $8 for 500 SMS
    > $15 for Unlimited SMS
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    I think this is a great app I like the size and I think the idea and the way it works, but for some reason it doesn't work at all for me. I load it up and connect and I don't recieve and can't send a single message. I wish it worked, it would be a nice alternative to Verichat.
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