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    I'm on my second Treo 600,with a third on order. I usually carry my phone in a jacket pocket. The phone will turn off the wireless mode,in my pocket, or just as I've received a call and I'm retreiving it.I can't really get a handle on any pattern. So far Palm has been great about exchange but I'm getting tired of this real fast .Talked to another guy with one today who has the same problem.
    Anyone else? Any fixes? Thoughts?
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    I had one like that. The sim card holder was loose...
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    So was there a fix? or did you just make sure the holder was closed?
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    Do you actually see it turn off wireless mode, or is wireless mode simply off when you take it out of your pocket? Could the phone be soft-resetting on you (assuming you do not use a 3rd party app to turn wireless mode on after a reset)?
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    Not sure what the difference would be whether I see it turn off or not,but 2x I've been about to hit answer on the screen and it's gone off. Other times, I've heard the chimes as it shuts down. When,I've tried to turn the wireless back on immediately, I have to wait for a bit to get a response on the keys.
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    I've had this problem a couple of times - actually once today! (This is why I was searching for this topic).

    Today's was the chime-down (not a reset). It happened while I was holding it and not doing anything. I noticed that removing the SIM card does cause this as well, so it could very well be that the SIM car is not making good contact. I have noticed this happed if I dropped the unit (probably causing a momentary loss of contact with the SIM card).

    I just tried placing 3 pieces of scotch tape inside the SIM tray - maybe this will help...

    Does anyone else know the cause of the non-reset wireless-off by itself syndrome?
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    I'm having the same problem with my wireless mode turning off too. Sometimes it happens when my phone gets knocked or I set it down on my desk. Any solutions?
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    Weird, this just started happening to me yesterday too.
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    skyrush, putting tape into the tray is not smart. Getting the tape out will be a pain in the ****. I got my SIM card stuck in there and I finally got it out with a pair of small tweezers. Uck. never want to repeat that.
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    I have had similar difficulties like this and also had severe problems w battery drain. in addition, my SIM book refused to work.

    These were all resolved with a SIM card replacement.

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