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    what is the email address to my cingular phone? ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dubLdribL
    what is the email address to my cingular phone? ?
    Found that on Cingular's site:

    Your e-mail address for MEdia Net is:
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    For POP mail, you chose an email address from the MEdia Net portal. then it's This just gives you another free pop mail account.
    For MEdia Net information, registration, and login.. see

    If you want to send email directly to your phone via SMS text message (160 characters max + pay for the text message) the direct email address of your phone that way is
    (I think the 1 at the front of the phone # is optional.)

    And finally, to send an email to your phone via MMS (picture messaging) it's:
    (Note, I believe you do NOT put a 1 on the front.)
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