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    Is it possible to use palmReDirector with a USB cradel(Visor)?

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    The application description over at PalmGear states the following:

    "*Note-Handspring Visors are not presently supported by Palm ReDirector via the USB Port. Only communications through the serial port (Cradle) is supported."

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    Thanx i didnt notice that
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    I emailed the author about this several months ago here in the reply:

    We don't presently have a Visor for testing, but we have made two
    communication attempts via E-mail to Handspring asking them some questions
    about the USB Connectivity possibility without a response(Not exactly sure
    how to code this portion for USB Support as of yet and needed some
    recommendations from them to add support). I'm sure they are very busy
    right now just keeping up with the demand, they look like some awsome
    devices! I love the idea of having 8MB on my Palm. I have no doubt we'll
    get one for testing, but I can't say exactly when. The only hang up I
    have with them is that they are not flash upgradable

    I want you to know that we are looking into this capability. But, at the
    present we can't offer much more information other than that until our
    questions are answered by Handspring.

    We don't presently have a device for testing (Just bought a Palm VII for
    development purposes), without our questions being answered ahead of time,
    it may be a couple months before we can acquire a Visor.

    Best Regards,

    Jon Wagner
    WAGWARE Support

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