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    I have read in 'PDA Essentials' magazine that it is possible to convert any PDA/Cellphone to play MP3 music, but the article was very orientated towards Windows. Can I play MP3 on my Treo 600? Is there any iTunes/Mac software I would need to download to do this? What about headphones etc? If anyone has done this I would be pleased to hear from them. Please keep answers simple - I'm not high tech!

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    You can play MP3s using PocketsTunes and non-DRM AAC files using Kinoma player. You can rip both types in iTunes. Just copy to an SD card and play.
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    You can get a free copy of Pocket Tunes Basic for your 600 if you register your 600 at PalmOne.
    Once installed copy over MP3 files to your SD card.
    If you're on iTunes you will need to make sure to encode or convert to MP3 within iTunes.
    Any copy protected (itunes store) songs will need to go through other steps or to burn CD and re-import as MP3 before going to 600.
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    Thank you. Most helpful
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    Thank you. Very helpful

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