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    I have read in 'PDA Essentials' magazine that it is possible to convert any PDA/Cellphone to play MP3 music, but the article was very orientated towards Windows. Can I play MP3 on my Treo 600? Is there any iTunes/Mac software I would need to download to do this? What about headphones etc? If anyone has done this I would be pleased to hear from them. Please keep answers simple - I'm not high tech!

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    Headphones -adapter $9 to go from special to regular headphone jack or better Seidio 2 in 1 headphones. Allows you to switch from phone to music.
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    get an SD card for your treo (get 1 GB they are cheap now) and an SD card reader or the missing wsync program. Then just use the SD card reader or the missing sync program to transfer songs to your sd card on your treo.

    next get pocketunes or aeroplayer, and install one of these mp3 players on your treo. Then with your headphone adaptor or seidio headphones, you are all set.
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    Thank you
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    Thank you for your help
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    As a 'more mature citizen' in the UK I thought about buying an iPod (maybe the new Shuffle) but I only want to carry one piece of mobile kit with me. Your help has been invaluable! Best wishes
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    I was an iPod user before I was a Treo600 user. That's probably why I still don't want to make my Treo650 my MP3 player. The usability of the Treo compared to iPod...well there's just no comparison. iPod wins over everything. You're gonna have to spend money on software that isn't as elegant to use as an iPod anyway, so jumping up to a Shuffle isn't bad. Biggest drawback of music on Treo: eleminates listening to music and talking on phone at the same time! I'm all for converging functions, but these two are way too divergent to combine in one device for me. My iPod mini doesn't weigh me down at all when added to my Treo in my pocket.

    But like Chick Dance says, if "carrying around your music" isn't the way you think of it, i.e. you just want to play a sound file here and there for quick amusement, then you can get RealPlayer which is free and good enough for that. PocketTunes is great if you wanna manage simple playlists (simple compared to iPod+iTunes).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick-Dance
    Just buy an iPod
    But, if you still insist on listening to MP3 songs on your Treo, do what cellmatrix and scotttreo suggested. Ya gotta have Ptunes or a similar app for listening though.
    Now, if you also like to listen to novels from let me know and I'll send you the quick process for it (instead of Ptunes you'd need something else).
    I have downloaded Pocket Tunes (free of charge from Palm when I registered my Treo) to my Mac but I cannot get it to transfer to my Treo. Do you have any ideas where I'm going wrong? Yes, I am interested in listening to novels. By the way, I should point out here that I'm in the UK
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    as I said in my post above, you need either a sd card reader or the missing sync program from to transfer your files. Once you get that you should be fine.

    by the way, I do agree with the posts above, the ipod is really an easier way to go, I use one myself instead of the Treo for listening to music or audiobooks.

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