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    I have found the speaker issue to be one of volume settings. They get set on HIGH too easily and that causes clipping. I usually keep mine set to the middle bar or one down from the high bar.

    Otherwise I am very satisfied with my 650 and would recommend it for anyone who has the money and the need.

    Quote Originally Posted by Treo Rat
    I'm with you. Because I'm still waiting for a Tmo T650, I'm compelled to check out these threads and take note of all the negative cr..p that a lot of users are complaining about. Like you said, I also think that most of them are the result of third party software. (I've experienced this from my current Treo 600 and wasted money buying software and deleting them after a few weeks)

    I know about the sound quality, echo, memory, speakerphone, etc. etc. But hey before I got my Treo 600 last year, everybody was also complaining about these same issues. They even complained about the stylus being too thin! So I went ahead and upgraded to the Treo 600 from the T270 anyway and I've been very satisfied with it. I had to get it replaced a few times but it's covered by warranty, who cares. I was already convinced that Handspring had poor quality control on their products. On a side note though, some of my friends have also replaced their PPC's a few times before they upgraded to new models.

    When I get my T650 (most likely a Cinglular unit) I hope to match your observations and unless I get a defective unit, I'm sure I will continue to enjoy my Treo. This is the best smartphone out there and being a Realtor, my Treo is pretty much my remote office anytime anywhere.
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    About the only NIT I can pick with PalmOne is the memory size provided. My Tungsten C came with 64MB. PalmOne should have considered this in their product planning and allowed for at least 96MB of user memory (to account for the change in the file system). Memory these days is pretty cheap and I don't think it would have increased the cost of the phone too much, especially at mfg pricing levels for the components.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1SFG
    I'm in the same camp as you guys. The "stock" features work for me, and I will likely install very little third party apps. Maybe a few games here and there, a work out log, simple stuff, but nothing like date book, etc. For people like me, I'm guessing the 650 does enough and does it well, that the multiple problems documented on the site won't be an issue. I do, however, believe that P1 must have known that a sizeable portion of 650 users would do a lot more with the device than just use the built in tools. It's no secret that there are tons of third party software available for the OS and yet they seemingly put the device out on the market without identifying and fixing what appear to be consistent problems in certain areas. Hard to reach that happy medium where everyone's happy, but they could have tried a little harder. Looking forward to receiving my VC 650!
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    If the green light blinks, that means the phone is on and can get to the network. To turn the phone off, hold the power button until you see the sign-off screen for your provider. Now you can press and relase the power button and the unit is 100% off (to the best of my knowledge) .

    Take care,

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeM.

    Another observation - I'm not sure how to turn this bad boy off? I can turn the phone off but the green LED still blinks.

    I'm sure I'll have more comments as I get into it more but any replies would be greatly appreciated. I did order the free 128MB SD card from Palmone - is 128MB enough for a newbie?
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    I did the mutiple address thing when I used the Tungsten C and the Palm IIIxe. This was before I was aware of Beyond Contacts.

    I know some folks who have mutiple addresses and it helps to know which one is the "home" address and which one is the "snow bird" address (wish I could afford 2 homes *grin).

    There are other applications that will work with Outlook contacts the same way as Beyond Contacts. I did not look at them as I could do BC as a special price.

    Quote Originally Posted by megaphone
    I agree, btw, about searching company names.

    often that is how I know a "contact." I just do business w/ a company.

    for now I have multiple separate contacts entries for a single business.

    and, I must remember an individuals name when I'm really thinking about the co. I want to call...

    not optimal.
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