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    so I love my treo 650. so oviously I would want that perfect case to cover it. so I go to sprint store to pick one up and the rep said don't get that case it is crap. he said just get an ipod case. so since I have an ipod I tried and it fit erfect. my perfect case.
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    Which one did you get? I tried using the in-the-box slip case that came with my 3G iPod but it was so tight it was mashing the buttons pretty good.
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    I am using the case that came with ipod photo. At first it was tight but after keeping it in for a day or two. It fits perfect. I really like how it feels on my belt. I even dropped it once and no harm to the phone. Plus it saved me money from buy a new case. I have treo guard because i had an issue when the phone rang while trying to take the phone out it answered the phone. So all the button is disabled when phone rings and I either use my bluetooth or the screen to answer the phone.

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